"Being a part of Sarah's music video has been an honor. This song was one I listened to years ago during a really tough period in my life struggling with addiction. The lyrics were up lifting but something I felt was not possible to achieve.  Years later when I met Sarah and listened to her album, I was immediately drawn back to this song. Now being four years sober, I can view this song in such a different light. It reminds me of the sadness I felt but ultimately proves that with strength you can over come what you feel is impossible."


"The reason for picking this song was the fact that I wanted to share a story through this video. When I learned of Corey's past and the fact that this song played a part in it, I knew we would be able to provide a message of hope and courage together. Corey taught me that many fear speaking about addiction or what they have been through and I wanted to bring light to it. I wanted to show that you can proudly stand tall no matter what has knocked you down in your past."

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