Via Dolorosa - Mary Did You Know

"Via Dolorosa" was a song that always had a special place in my heart.  First, because I grew up listening to my mother sing it in church performances, and also because my faith is such an important part of my life.  I was raised with church, and became a Christian at a young age.  Also, I realized that another one of my favorites, "Mary Did You Know," lined up rather perfectly chord-structure-wise, plus the juxtaposition of two incredible messages within the timeline of Jesus' life, lead to the most perfect mashup arrangement and story of hope and life after death.  I find that the story of Jesus and His sacrifice for our sins, the promise of eternal life if you commit yourself to Him... this is the story that brings me back to my faith in times when I feel lost and searching.  

I contacted my wonderful composer, Aaron Latina, who helped me orchestrate my entire, "A Dash of Diva" album, and I knew this arrangement would be an iconic one!  I also enlisted the help of my mentor and dear friend, Earl Grove, who coached me through the "Via Dolorosa" process to really try to bring the story to life in my vocals.  In addition, I had him coach me for the rest of my entire album, because he had such an influence on me in the recording studio.  It was also because of Earl that I got my professional start, performing for thousands a week at Sight & Sound Theatres.   


Most of the music I listened to growing up was either Christian, Sarah Brightman, Broadway or Disney!  While my sisters would call me "lame," because they listened to all this plus "cool" pop music, I feel this early listening lead to my singing and performing preference of the Classical Crossover genre.

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