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Sarah Timm first started her professional performing career at Sight & Sound Theatres, ("Christian Broadway"), where she had the opportunity to play the leading female roles for 20,000 people a week and star in two DVDs that can now be seen around the world!  After many wonderful years there, she worked for another reputable theatre, American Music Theatre, where she was the lead soprano in their high-quality, glamorous review shows with a live orchestra.  During these years, Sarah was involved in extra music arranging, show writing, and music coordination with Prima Theatre Company.  

Sarah decided to venture into the recording industry, and self-produced, arranged, edited her first album, "A Dash of Diva," a compilation of classical "cross-cover" songs, including her own versions of songs recorded by Sarah Brightman, Josh Groban, Sarah McLachlan, and even the band Kansas.  For this project she also created, wrote, directed and edited two gorgeous music videos.  During this time, she also performed soprano vocals for various projects in a recording studio in New Orleans, and finished an EDM cover song project with the Dauman Music record label in Los Angeles, California.  

Sarah finally had the chance to make her Broadway debut when she was asked to join the show "Rocktopia," at the Broadway Theatre in 2018. 

She still performs as often as possible while working as a Guest Host on HSN, and is in the process of recording her first Christmas Album.  Stay tuned!

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