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Sarah Timm began her HSN career working as a Guest Host for all the Fashion Brands.  Now, she is the freshest face in the Electronics Category at HSN. 


A self-proclaimed electronics lover, who collects “gadgets and gizmos a-plenty,” Sarah brings her knowledge of technology from the professional performing world and business-owner life to live television.  Although Mac is her current specialty, Sarah loves PCs as well, with HP being one of her favorite brands.  As a professional singer in the recording industry, she gained much insight as she relied on technology and electronics to run her everyday life and to score her the next gig.  She is well-versed in Computers, Printers, Earbuds and Microphones, Inventions, Gadgets, Phones, Cameras and Lighting, Amazon Echo and Smart Devices, Sound Systems and Bluetooth Speakers…and especially Digital Musical Instruments and other fun gift items for Christmas!  

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